Wedding Gifts

18 Multicolor roses
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Price : Rs. 694.00

Multicolor 18 lovely roses and let them depict that how much you miss being there on their special moments.

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24 Multicolor Roses
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Price : Rs. 784.00

These 24 lovely Multicolor Roses and let them know how you love then and how much you miss being there on their special moments.

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Chocolate mini & rose
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Price : Rs.787.00

Extravaganza of Chocolate in 1Kg, from the very best bakers of the town with 2 dutch red roses. The cake is made without egg or egg products.

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Soft at heart
send roses with teddy bearto mysore
Price : Rs.648.00

A combination of sweetest heart filled with 12 red roses and cute teddy to leave a long lasting impact on the one that is surely soft at heart.

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Titan Couples
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Price : 6157.00

The classic and sophisticated watch from the Bandhan collection of titan. The couple watch supports a shiny golden bracelet with a white dial.

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12 roses in vase
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Price : Rs.740.00

A dozen white/creamy roses in a Vase with beautiful greens! Pretty, pink and perfect! There's nothing like long-stemmed pink roses to show your affection.

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send roses to mysore
Price : Rs.2799.00

Round arrangement of 120 roses in a vase

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