Gift2Belgaum.com is e-commerce site dedicated to Belgaum for gifting services. We deliver flowers all over India and has a network of florist & bakers all over. The attempt is made continuously to increase the footprints of our network & gift delivery services in in other cities.

There are 100s of Artisans Ladies in the Region of Hubli-Dharwad- Belgaum who have mastered the Traditional Art of Embroidery “Kasuti or Kashida”. This site is dedicate to such Lady Artisans for their Economic Empowerment. Site makes an attempt to provide worldwide market for the Kasuti Art. The Site primarily provides the information about the Kasuti Art and displays good collection of kasuti Artifacts.

The primary function of this e-commerce platform is to facilitate Indian Residents as well as those reside outside India to send Gifts to the Residents of Belgaum, India. The Gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and remembering occasions are being sent like flowers, cakes and memorabilia. The prices we offer are the lowest possible.

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Belgaum is the city in state of Karnataka strategically located connecting Goa and Maharashtra. Presently the Belgaum is known as Belgavi is the Divisional Head Quarters of North Karnataka as well as the District Head Quarters. The Belaguam also houses in the Outskirts “Swarna Souda” which conducts Assembly Session of the State.

The Population of the District is around 4.8 Million and has average literacy rate of 78% which is much higher than the average. Belgaum City has a unique homogenization of the cultures of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa. The City is the fifth largest city in the State and is a commercial hub ranking 2nd to Bangalore in Exports. The main Exports are of the Automotive Products, Mining Products and Wood. The District is also known as a ‘Bread Basket’ of the Karnataka since it is resource rich in daily utilities such as Quality Vegetables, Fruits, Milk etc. The City is been considered to be made Second Capital of Karnataka.

Belgaum city being culturally rich is considered as an Educational Hub housing 3 Universities and some of the Oldest Educational Institutions in South India.


The Origin of Belgaum is traced to 225 BC when a local chieftain Jakkadeva built a mud fort, the remains of which are still visible in the City. The settlement was known as Velugrama means village of bamboos, It was known as Belagugrama later and has become Belugav and ultimately Belgaum sounding Bamboo Village. In the history, Belgaum was ruled by many Dynasties like the Satavahanas, the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas. It was also under the Rule of Kadambas and the Rattas in 12th century when Belgaum attained its preeminence. The Devagiri Yadavas and the Vijayanagara rulers had also ruled. However in 1472, the Bahamanis conquered Belgaum before ceding to the Bijapur Sultans in 1489.

Asad Khan the Bijapuri ruler ruled the Belgaum for 38 years upto 1549 and built several monuments such as Safa Masjid and the Fort. The Mughals handed over the city after the fall of Bijapur Empire to the Nawab of Savanur which was captured by the Marathas in 1754 and ruled Belgaum till 1818 when the British captured the city.

Belgaum had played unique role in Freedom Struggle. Lokmanya Tilak in 1916 launched the Home Rule League from here whereas All India Congress Session held in Belgaum in 1924 presided over by Mahatma Gandhi.

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